Condado Estate

Condado Estate

Pulped Natural

Nice body, sweet, well balanced, good finish, and caramel tones.

Condado Estate

Condado Estate

Natural (Late Harvest)

Great body, sweet, with chocolate tones, and clean finish.

Canaan Estate

Canaan Estate

Dry Natural

Great body, lots of fruit and some chocolate.

Welcome to JC Coffee Farms/Importer.

Family grown specialty coffees, harvested with love in Brazil.

JC Coffee Farms/Importers is a family partnership of Canaan Estate Coffee and Condado Estate Coffee, producers of fine Arabica beans. The farms are located in Carmo de Minas, Sul de Minas, region of Brazil. The farms were established in the late 1800s as dairy, cattle ranches and coffee plantations. We're also part of the Cocarive coop in Mantiqueira de Minas region, and supports the cooperative sales efforts in the USA market.

We offer the finest coffees from Brazil. Direct from our family Estates, to your roasting plants. We produce, process, export, import and distribute the coffees. At JC Coffee Farms, we go from the seeds, all the way to the delivery of the Green Beans. Every step is controlled, and managed by the farmers.

When you buy our coffees, you are purchasing direct from our farms.

All shipments are FOB Seattle-WA and Jacksonville-FL USA.

Thank you for supporting our farms.


Sergio Junqueira Dias - Anita Dias Stiansen
Ibraim Chaib de Sousa - Marly Dias Chaib de Sousa

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